The third Monday in February is not Presidents' Day!

I find it odd that so many advertisers have "Presidents' Day" (or "Presidents Day" or, God forbid, "President's Day") sales, when the three states I've lived in (Massachusetts, California, and Ohio) do not celebrate any such day.

Federally, of course, we celebrate "Washington's Birthday," but each state uses various names for that third Monday in February. The problem was that I couldn't find a single source to tell me what those state holidays were. So I decided to look them all up myself; yes, I had too much time on my hands. On the presidents.pdf file, you will see the name of the state holiday for each state, along with the code from the state laws where the holiday is named. For instance, in California §6700 in the California state code designates that day as "Washington's Birthday," whereas section 1.14 in Ohio's state code designates the day as "Washington-Lincoln Day."

Some interesting facts:

So, okay. I suppose for 11 states there IS a Presidents Day, but for the rest of us, so let's not spread the bad information!

List of Third Monday in February state holidays

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