penned up inside me is anger, an anger so pure
it scorches my being.

the storm rages on, forever twisting me onto evil paths 
from which there is little escape.

my only hope is You, You in Your brilliant light to guide
me back to the narrow path.

but i am lost, lost beyond most Hope until i cry 
out for salvation.

salvation evades me, it hides so that i cannot
see the faintest glimmer of You.

tortuous thoughts plague me, they fester within
my wretched shell of a body.

appearances can be deceiving, so deceiving i
can even fool myself.

no one can hear me, listen if you can! i scream 
but you hear nothing i say.


God talks of forgiveness, forgiveness so complete
that Jesus has provided.

i look upon others, others just as i am
and just as sinful.

i can forgive them, forgive them of whatever
they have done.

as for myself, i cannot forgive him.
	i guess the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

the storm rages on.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

1991 by Nandor