it's not that she's had it out with me
or loves of someone else,
but that she's sunken down too deep
below the sea's steep shelf.

the Love of God applies to all
and yet she stands apart,
for sadness, darkness, and emptiness
have taken o'er her heart.

she sees not now the Love of God
e'en though it's plainly there,
and is tossed about like a lily pad
on the huge tossing waves of despair.

o will she ever loose her bonds?
this much i do not know,
for while she sits alone inside
all else are locked out in the snow.

we long to come in, but she'll be alone
e'en though she detests it this way.
but i know the Love of God will shine through
though i do not know the day.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

1990 by Nandor